Gopro Hero 5,6,7 case.

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NOTICE: Does not include Gopro. This mount is designed to work with a modified Gopro camera. Meaning, you need to change the lens on your Gopro to a fixed lens not a wide angle lens (like the stock Hero cameras.) We have found that a 12mm lens works the best for most applications. Also 16mm lens works well. Hajimoto Productions on youtube has great videos on changing out the lens on a Hero 3-4 camera.

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If you’re a hunter or shooting enthusiast who wants to capture the pure thrill of pulling the trigger, Side-Shot is the only scope cam for you. 


You dial in your scope, oil your rifle, and take time at the range to hone your skills. Don’t settle for the poorly designed recording systems that take your vision out of the scope. You shoot like your father taught you, and his father before him. You’ve added your chapter to a long tradition. Now you can record that chapter to share with family, friends, and future generations.


  • Share On the Web With a Tap.

  • Easily Detach for Hiking, Texting, or reviewing.

  • Grab Attention With Unique Crosshair Video Clips.


  • Companion can actually watch what your're shooting at.

  • Use Your Favorite Camera App.

  • Works With Slow Motion and Other Effects.

  • Minimal Pre-Shot Adjustments.


  • Easy-to-Install Design.

  • Compatible With Any Smartphone Case.

  • Lightweight and Unobtrusive.​


  • Look Through Your Normal Eyepiece. 

  • Works In All Firing Positions. 

  • Keeps Your Eyes Clear and Your Rifle Balanced. 

  • Track with ease.